Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





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Me and my partner met at work. Both of us work on board a cruise liner. It was fate from the very first hello.

Very good

hello every one!
This clip is very funny really and interesting really. I met allot of my friends unusual stuations.

I heard many stories like that, But for me, nothing happens. I hope.

I guess , I didn't meet wayout anybody but I wish meet

Accidental meetings always have some unique and natural pleasure. To be very honest when they met each other it's like they are narrating the story of own self. Nice clip

No really, I have never met someone in an unusual situation but I think it will be very funny and until I know anybody of my friends know my friends. But for example I met my best friend in the high school, but when I met him I hate him and after some situations and events we met very well and today we are the best friends in the world.

hi this is very nine Story

I meet my girlfriend at university, I was at the library and she sat next to me, so I spoke to her, and then we star to be together.