Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





it is beginning of my path.

I meet an interested girl in sport club, more and less four years ago, when we are waiting for some sport drinks in a market place, suddenly she went outside and forgot her water bottle. I picked up the bottle and gave it to her, then we talked for some minutes.


I went to market with my friends and I saw a boy who was standing at a corner he was shoting nobody came forward I went there with my friends so there was a child He was a crying he was looking her mother his mother was not there and one of his youngest brother was also there he was also finding his mother after sometimes people from the area who live there came to her and they keep on asking people was getting afraid of them he was not able to speak at that time I think he lost some of them made a phone call to the police station police came after sometimes and they took him to the police station after sometimes we got to know the children who was standing there and shot in they didn't leave at that place

it's cery and and still be easy until... We must perform our englisf fastly. thanks

20 years ago I met a girl when coming back from school. She got a light accident with her bike. I took her go to hospital and then she is my wife until now.

I've met my best friend through via social network communication since 14 years, until now she still my best friend, I love her so much

I met with my old friend. We are good friends. After a long time we sit together to talk with each other. He is not very funny.

I've met my wife at university studying together and now we have six years married! We have a daughter and work together in the same place.

I have never met someone in an unusual way. I met my partner through his relatives. They were my customers when I worked in the shop