Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





Thanks a lot for consideration.

There were twenty-five years ago, I was young and pretty. Now it's different because I'm nearly sixteen years old.
One day, in July, on a country road, I drived and suddenly, a red car overtook me , stopped sharly forcing me to stop my car!
A man got out the car and went near my car. I was very surprised and frigthened .
As we are in July, the car's windows were opened.The man put his hands on the door and explained me with a shy voice that he was a painter, he saw me in the pub (I was indeed in a pub to go for a coffe just before to go the road),he didn't dare to approach me ,he followed me when I went out and he said me that he absolutely wanted to paint a picture of me ,here, now, on this road!!!
A few minutes later , I was sat down in the grass, with this painter who draw a picture of me.
Isn't it a nice memory!

Yeah, that's so romantic. Have you ever met each other since that time?

Marie17 this is a beautiful story.

I met a person who was driving a car on a bike path. This person was doing exercise to get drive document .
Many people prefere using these paths to practise because there isn' t much traffic, but it is very dangerous above all in the spring and in the summerwhen there are many cycles..
It should be more control on bike paths from police

The story sounds interesting, but I'm just wondering why Julia and Sammy speak so slowly......? The way they speak seems to be a bit unnatural to me.
I'd like to know what age group or proficiency level is the series targeting for : )

Hi Peter,
Thank you for the reply, I understood. If it is not an imposition, may I express my viewpoint about it?
In my not so humble opinion, I often feel odd when 'low-level learners' are mixed up with 'low-aged learners'. I mean, elementary school teachers often speak to kids slowly to help the developing brain to grasp what a teacher is saying, while 'low-level learners' who have basic cognitive faculty need actual training to get used to listening by tapping a top-down/bottom-up approach.
So I like learner-friendly but a bit challenging materials!

Anyway, thanks a lot for all these online materials! :-)

Hello Rafaela1,

We of course welcome your viewpoint and thank you for sharing it. I think there's a fine line between making materials not frustratingly difficult for beginner learners and making them as authentic as possible. I suppose where that line is is different for everyone, and we're certainly sorry that it doesn't suit your needs.

In coming episodes, the rate at which Sammy and Julia speak will increase a bit, so I'd encourage you to check out future episodes.

Thanks again for your feedback!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Kirk,

Thank you for your comment.
I'm glad to know that this material holds the line against "Pen-Pineapple Apple-Pen" :)))
Probably I won't be able to stay calm saying "This ・is ・A・ park." like "This ・is ・A・pen...." in the event of a collision. :-)

Yes, I'll be looking forward to future episodes.
Thanks a lot for the interesting material anyway!

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