Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?





nice to journey of english learning,,,,,,alhamdulillah

Well I met my wife in the same school where I studied years before. It was very interesting moment because it happens in break time when we saw each in canteen and was the love at first sight.

Hello I am Alaa from Egypt
really am proud to be with you
the same situation occurred with me

If I could just a remember but I think, haven't met anyone in an unusual way. Ive met my wife in my home town when she was in a visit.

i met my wife during an accident of the bus we were inside!!!

well. nice to meet you. I think you should use " Visitor " .I think it's better than "visit". :)

I also think it would be better to use Visitor in a sentence .. when she was a Visitor. Thanks for your correction.

Hello Vedran.Lj and hoanghoibk,

You could also say 'I met my wife in my hometown when she was there on a visit' or 'I met my wife when she was visiting my hometown'.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Yes, I have. We have been friends after fighting each other in childhood.

no, i never met anyone in unusual way