Sammy chats up Julia at Tom's party. What does he get from her?





I have never asked a girl for her Phone number

If this person is friendly, it's normal people changes the phone number.

please, give me your mobile number )

I don't know how to use phone, and still wait for the day when I will realize what 4g LTE mean

Yes, I have asked lots of people thier mobile no and the asking was like this:
excuse me may I have your mobile no?

Yes, it's not a problem to take somebody's phone number. As usually, people have known each other yet, so exchanging pnone numbers is just a next step to continue the communication..

Yes, of course, i have asked lots of friends about their mobile number, it is easy, just ask politely, may i have your mobile number? Thats it.

naughty boy. :) ha ha ha

Yes, of course.
I met lots of friends exchanging phone numbers.

It's unusual to start off a conversation with someone new by asking phone number! But Sammy may well do that... He looks honest, down to earth and simple from the way he was talking and his crosshatch shirt at the party ;)))