Sammy chats up Julia at Tom's party. What does he get from her?





I will him to say

Can you give me your phone number please ?

i think this is better to tell :I will say to him,can I have your number please?

I have only checked your Getting Started page.

What's your phone number?

can you please give me your phone number?

Well, ask someone for their mobile number has been easier lately than several years ago. Today, we find that people carry their phones everywhere. It´s easier to forget their wallet than their phone. Due to my job, I got used to asking mobile numbers to the customers.

Yeap. Several years ago, cell phone is not pupolar s0 there was public telephone was used with coins . And to keep contac for each other, instead of asking phone number we gave other one our address to keep in touch by the letters.

Hello everyone I want to find new friend's for talk and practice!


Could u give me your phn numba?it is essential to have your number for inviting u in my room to romance ..

Hi, can you please give me your phone number?