Sammy chats up Julia at Tom's party. What does he get from her?





May I have your phone number ?

I met an important personnality one day and l wanted to take his phone number but i didn't know what to say or how to ask him. Suddenly i got an idea and enough courage to do it i just walked towards him and said " please can i have your phone number? " and he gave it to so easily.

Today, instead of asking someone for their phone number, I usually ask them for their social media address such as Facebook, Twitter or Line. But, if I must ask someone for their phone number, I will say something like ''What's your phone number?'' or ''Can I get your phone number?''.

May I get your phone number, please?

May I ask you the question about greeting questions between two people? In your culture, they often ask their status marriage at the first time greeting? It sounds curious.
Thanks for your explaination

Hello Letam91,

No, it's not a normal question to ask at a first meeting unless it comes up naturally for some reason (such as meeting at a wedding, for example). In fact, when Sammy asks the question he is rather hesitant and starts with 'OK, erm ... '. 

Note that the title of the conversation is 'Sammy chats up Julia at Tom's party'. Sammy has a particular reason for asking if Julia is married or has a boyfriend!


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The LearnEnglish Team

Yes I agree with your opinion

What's your mobile number please ?

Can I have your mobile number, please?

Can I have a mobile number, please?