Julia and Sammy enjoy their meal, but there's a problem. How is Sammy going to pay for it?



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it’s so impressing Situation, i had never been in something like this .. i am always carefully man , but if it happen i will i will convince them to let me go am good at that .

Hi. I see "lasagne" is false. correct is "lasagna"

I have never run out money when I pay for something. Because I always prepare money before I pay for something. But I run out money when pay for something then I am very shy.

Once time, I couldn't pay at the tool boot

That time my boyfriend asked me to attend a party with our workmates. I felt dizzy so I decided to go home. While I was on my way home, I was starving hungry then I pulled over and bought some food. When I paid, I couldn't see where my wallet was. Oh my god! My face got red. I called my boyfriend to talk about this then he said he had hidden my wallet so that I returned the party. As a result, I had to ask my younger sister to come and pay for me.

I' be never been in similar embarrassing situation. I consider, every person can be in such position. You can always to find a resonable solution.

I never be in this situation before. But if this happens with me, I'll borrow money from my friends and give back to them when I have.

One day I lived a similar situation. I was very lucky because a friend of my had enough money to pay the bill. If it happens and I didn't have enough money, i'll work washing the dishes to pay my food.

I didn't have this problem already, because when I go shopping first I check my wallet and debit card. Usually, I have enough money in my wallet and credit card for daily shopping.

Yeah once, but luckily my debit card was working