Julia and Sammy enjoy their meal, but there's a problem. How is Sammy going to pay for it?





I think I call a friend of mine to help me with some money but if the person that I am is familiar, I can ask him or her to help me with the bill. But it never happend to me!

Yes, I was victim of this situation, but I have keep my cold blood, and I have explained to the waitress that I have forget my wallet at home, so I said him, I'd like to leave my identity paper and after I will be back for pay his money.

it's very unpleasant when your credit card has same problem because ... it's not money in your bank account!!

I have never came up with such situation ever in my life. But if ever it happen to me, definitely i will ask my friend to pay. or else will pay half each.

hmm in Indonesia. However, Men always pay the bill when we were dinner,shopping and anything :--(

It have not happened to me. I always use my credit card. I always check its balance with internet or app. Plus, for date, Man pay for almost everything in my country.

sometimes I run out of the money that why I have to use my credit card for s.o.s hahaha.
in some kind situation if I don't have enough money then I can use my partner or my friends money and ill pay her/him back later on.

In my country, Indonesia, Generally man pay for everything :)

I usually go out with money and my credit card. But if I am invited and I have no money I explain to my friends. So they’ll pay my bill and I’ll pay them back later.

Dear tutor,
I have a question about " Let's pay half each".
There's another expression, "Let's go Dutch", but may I ask which is more commonly used in a restaurant?