Sammy and Julia discover they both like the same sport. But can they enjoy it together?





i like playing badminton, but my brother prefer play football

I like biking, i ride a bike a lot and I like swimming, but now, I moved in a foreign country and I don't have any pool near to me. I also love fishing and just what I take my fishing licience. It's relaxing for me!

I rarely go to the gym. I sometime go walking at the park. I prefer swimming in the summer.

I like play football especially with my friends, we are formed a good team.

I like play volleyball. when I was 18 year old I played in a team.but now ı have one boy and ı spend all my time to him.

sorry to my english because ıt's not good

My favourite sport that I like play with my friends or my family is the football, Because, since my youth, I played in a football club during five years. So for me, these are beautiful memories.

I usually go to the gym every day.

In my country, a lot of people play football, I like it too. However, my favorite sport is tenis. I play tenis three or four times a week.

i like playing badminton sports with my father or friends , usually i was playing badminton on every week

Sammy is always funny and put himself in an embaressing sitiuations