Julia and Sammy go to get a sandwich for lunch. Who's the unhappy customer?





Yes, I have. Sometimes I go to another shop or restaurant near there.

Yes, I have. It's often happined in the cafes. I just go away, if I don't get whate I wante

Yes I have. It's my biggest problem mostly in the clothe shops or in the restaurant. Generaly I take my time to do a good choice.

When you don't get what you want it could be stressing because you have to waste your time to go to another shop or restaurant to search about that thing. Usually I'm not involved in this kind of things but sometimes, for instance, happens and I have to go from a shop to another shop to find that stuff.

Yes I have. I often not been able to get what I wanted in the shop; then I have to select something else like a torta . In México, a torata is like a sandwich but baguett bisides

julia and sam are unhappy because old man is very take longtime for the order.
he is slow for the choice a sandwich.

Very embarrasing situation. I'll choose one of thing

Sometimes in restaurants i 've had to order something else but if i didn't find in a store the things that i want, i go to another store.

Hello everybody,

Yes, I am returned at my home, Because I not found what I was looking for

yes, i have . but if i have waiting overlong , i will be go away