Sammy shows Julia some photos of him playing different sports. Why is she not impressed?



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Does any one can tell me why at last Sammy says, "You can hurt yourself."
Does this sentence implies Julia doesn't understand some kind of Sammy's black humor or what? Thanks in advance for replying me. :)

Hi anoranor,

The way I see it is that Sammy is trying to find an excuse that will justify the time he spends on these games. His excuse doesn't convince Julia, and I think Sammy realises in the end that his reason is not convincing for him, either.

Does that make sense?

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I and my friend just do text messages back and forth.
She is having a short training in Australia in three months and lives with five people. She just send me some photos about her dinner today. It looks delicious.

Hi can you help me with this question?

Julia: Number three, OK. Number three, these aren't sport! They're just stupid games on your computer!<---why dose Julia say "these aren't sport!" Can I use sports here?

Sorry to bother you with a grammar question again. May I ask you questions like this or this section is not for the Q&A?

Thank you!

Hi Hung,

Both 'sport' and 'sports' are possible here.

If you use 'sport' then you are talking in general terms, saying that the examples do not have the characteristics of sport. If you say 'sports' then you are saying that they are not part of the group of activities we call sports.



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Well, I have some photos of myself. I usually take some photos with my friends when I go somewhere, such as at my friends' wedding reception or at the places of interest.

I have some friends, they are working with photography, when I am with them they take good photographs. I have a couple photos of myself playing music.

I don't like taking pictures of me.

Uh.... I wish my every day was bored to death enough to take a lot of pictures of myself!!

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