Julia doesn't want to meet Sammy's old friends. What is she nervous about?





I met one of my classmate six years ago at my daughter 's school, in fact my daughter and his son attended the same school. It was nice to meet in an expected situation.
Now, when it is possible, we take a coffee together.
Sammy and Julia are fantastic !

It's interesting because in this skit, Sammy calls his old science teacher as "old friend", but in Japan, we can never call our old teacher as our "friend" since he should be paid enough respect from us. So, we usually call him or her as "Sir, Ma'am, or Master" until he or she passes away. Or maybe the definition of "friend" is different from Japanese equivalent word "友達(pronounced as Tomodachi)".

Hello Tomoaki Hachiya,

It is a little unusual, I agree, and if I were to meet any of my old teachers I think I would still think of them as I always did: Professor .... or Doctor ....

The English word 'friend' can be used in many ways and individual people may vary in terms of what they consider to be a friend. It can describe someone we know a little or someone we are very close to. I think the use here is unusual but the relationship being described is perhaps unusual and Sammy and Tony's relationship may have changed over the years since Sammy left school. It could be that Tony has asked Sammy to call him 'Tony', for example, or to think of him as a friend rather than a teacher.


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I often do not see my an old friends. I have no time to meet them. I am not friends with any of my teachers. I have nothing to say to them. I'm afraid to meet them.

I rarely met my old friends. They are always busy.

I am happy! I did not make any mistakes in this exercises!

Yes, I have old friends from my school. His name is Fernando and he is 32 years old, but I don´t see him for 2 years. He lives next to my parents' house.

Hello! Could you explain me this sentence please: " We are going to Tony's for dinner". Why Sammy sad "to Tony`s..." but not "to Tony..." Thanks.

Hello Al,

In this case, 'Tony's' means 'Tony's house' or 'Tony's place'. This is quite common in informal speaking and writing.

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I dont see old friends at all because I don't have any. I've got some new friends. We usually meet at our work, sometimes at a cafe or cinema or party. Unfortunately, I am not friends with any of my old teachers.