Julia and Sammy read their horoscopes. What is their future together?




I'm a horse like Sammy. We are competible according to the chinese zodiac :)

I'm a big fan of cooking and health magazine. I don't believe in horosopes. I think it is for entertainment.

I like to read arts magazines. I don't like horoscopes but they are funny.

I like to read a travel magazine. ;)

I read gossip magazines when I go to the hairdresser. Usually my favourite reading are novels. I agree with Sammy: horoscopes are silly.

I like to read car magazine.

I like to read the sport magazine, sometimes I look the horoscops, but I don't believe in these things.

Superstitious things. Believe it is true. don't believe it. It's the night of heaven

I only read a weekly TV magazine, I don't believe in horoscopes they never come true.

I don't like gossip magazine at all, I prefer cooking magazine and crossword puzzle.
I don't believe much in the horoscope, but the positive and negative traits of the zodiac are often true.
I 'm Gemini like Julia and my husband is Scorpio like Sammy.
The video is really funny.