Sammy has an idea for the holiday. But will Julia want to go away?





I would like to go to temples at Samutprakarn Province on my holidays.

I've never been to France and I'd like to go! I hope as soon as possible but to be honest I am a bit fed up with big cities like London, Berlin etc... I'd like to discover cities like New Delhi or Tehran.

This holiday on summer is boring because I alway study everthing of phamacy in this summer, sometime i want to go traveling same my friend.

As holidays is a time for the rest. I like to travel around forest to meet with animals and the fresh air.

My friend and i are planning to go on holiday at greek island in ionian sea. There are a lots of island to see and very clean water for swimming!

I spent 5 days wonderful holiday on Nagoya city in Japan at two weeks ago. I was enjoy traditional nature hot spring. Men and women are separate hot spring location, all the men and women must don't wear swimsuits in the hot spring area. I also ate very fresh sushi and beef. And bought a lots of Japanese food and souvenir give my best friends.

I considering to go in canada during two weeks with my best friend.

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Is there any option of live chat for improving English Speaking Skills ?


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I'm afraid we don't have any plans for live chat on the site. There are technical reasons for this but also practical reasons: we are a small team here and simply don't have to resources to maintain something like that on a site which is entirely free to use.

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Can you please suggest me how can I improve my english speaking skills