Sammy has an idea for the holiday. But will Julia want to go away?





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We have a page with advice on this area, and also on other aspects of learning English. You can find it here - I hope it's helpful.


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I've got my summer holiday for go to the algeria beach

This year, I will not going anywere, because I not enough money for travel.

I went to Singapore with my friend. I love Changi Airport, it's clean and convenient.
I was really scared the afternoon when I went to Singapore, because the men smoke everywhere, bus stop, near the walk street, near the lake. OMG, I know that's the place where they can smoke, but when i went pass, I felt terrible.
Anw, everywhere is clean, except the India area, this place quites dirty and smell not good for me. If I come back, I'll never choose a hotel at India area.

For my next holiday I'll go to Venice with my husband and our dog.

Thanks for the lesson. For my next holiday I am going to do a trekking in Sicilia.

Thanks for the new lesson! It seems though, that after the update all the lessons got out of order. Will it be possible to fix that, please?

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Thank you for pointing this out. I've passed the issue on to our technical team so they can take a look at it.


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