"Long, long the night, Heavy comes the morrow" In this poem (written as a song), the great Scottish poet Robert Burns laments the illness of his loved one.

Poems: On Chloris being ill


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On Chloris being ill

by Robert Burns

Long, long the night,
Heavy comes the morrow
While my soul’s delight
Is on her bed of sorrow.

Can I cease to care?
Can I cease to languish,
While my darling fair
Is on the couch of anguish?

Long, long the night,
Heavy comes the morrow
While my soul’s delight
Is on her bed of sorrow.

Ev’ry hope is fled,
Ev’ry fear is terror,
Slumber ev’n I dread,
Ev’ry dream is horror.

Long, long the night,
Heavy comes the morrow
While my soul’s delight
Is on her bed of sorrow.

Hear me, Powers Divine!
Oh, in pity, hear me!
Take aught else of mine,
But my Chloris spare me!

Long, long the night,
Heavy comes the morrow
While my soul’s delight
Is on her bed of sorrow.

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Thanks God for none of our family members has such kind of serious illness. But I felt really so sorry for him when I have finished reading this poem. :'(

I am poem writer too, I interesting with kind of vocabulary that he used at the poem, tq 4 share this :)

 the poem is really heart touching and i am thanking God nothing such happened with any of my friend ever thanks God any of them didn't get serious illness. well it memorized me the time when i wrote a poem for my best of the best friend she is so in in touch with me throughout school and college but then the days of departure came. we have to live apart we have to be in memories only those were the days when our college life ended and she decided to join any other university then i wrote a poem for her in her memories and the beautiful days we share the class room talks when teacher warned not to speak out a single word that was really fun we used to talk on paper and pass it that was really fun and really good time. now when i look behind i feel i have lost all and all nothing in my hand except the tears the tears of loneliness the tears of losing a really special part of my life in crowded world. what i got to be grown up nothing nothing at all i want to get back i want to be retreated i want my school back i want that happiness that life free of tension back but no one will let me to go back the cruel society we are really bound we cant do anything because what people will say? why we consider people that much in our life matters though these society and people don't give the real pleasure instead they take all pleasures away yes all pleasures away 

Debmalya Jash writes:

“I was in my childhood then. I used to love watching squirrels very much. They are small, full of life and very restless. Their tails are also very beautiful.

I used to watch them whenever I got some leisure. That day it was morning around 10 o’clock. It was a holiday for me. Beside the window I found a group of squirrels. They were running at each other and making lots of noise. Suddenly I found them climbing on the tree. Their noise had some mark of concern.

A fat cat came into the picture. I realized that was their concern. The cat looked at the tree with deep pain. But it sat very quietly at the shadow of the tree. Time became very boring. No activity from the part of the squirrels. I felt they were very frightened.

Suddenly I saw the cat was moving very stealthily. It was very strange for me. I moved also from window to window to see the cat. All of a sudden it jumped on the tree and caught a squirrel. The poor squirrel cried. I ran after the cat to release my favourite creature. But all my attempts were in vain.

From that time onwards whenever I see any cat in my garden, I just drive them away. That death I can’t forget throughout my life.”

i'm feeling pityful , for the squirrel. They're beutiful. tiny and loveable creature :).
sometimes, i feel  that cats are evil, because they are a predator. I even saw a cat killed her own fresh-born children just because we had touch it