Fausto Ruiz got off the boat at the port of the city where he had been born fifty years ago, and to which he had not returned for twenty years.

An opera mask and some roses


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what a Story ^_______________^ *-*!!!

Hey, why my answers are wrong. I wrote that as per the incidents happened in the story, but your answers are as per his life. How I would know that on which basis I have to write answers. You should have to mention that.

The date of his death was yesterday's, then how it is possible to build his statue in just one day. That's the only thing which was unpredictable for me, otherwise story was very nice.
And thanks for sharing this.

when I first listen this story , I gradually realized it is a ghost story, I was scared .
and now I dare not to listen again.

Memembering the day after death!! Maybe, oh no certainly will happen to all of us ! :)

Why did people know he passed away so they could write his birth at the statue? :)

I think the story is rather captivating and gives some ideas to think about. Thanks! :-)

a little horrible

Nice story. Why wasn`t he successful in his native place?

Hello victoria,

I am left asking myself the same question after listening to this story? What do you think?

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team