"But, She said, I suppose it wouldn't do For everyone to be the same now, Would it."

It wouldn't do


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It wouldn't do

by John Kay

She said,
I suppose it wouldn't do
For everyone to be the same now,
Would it.

I said,
There'd be less
Interesting people around,
Wouldn't there.

Fewer interesting people,
She said,
But I suppose it wouldn't do
For everyone to speak the same now,
Would it.

Task 1

Decide if the statements are true or false.





I think that it is a very nice poem
Simple and not very hard to understand
I like it
Thank you

Hi, thank you for reading my poem. I have no wish to spoil the reader's enjoyment of any poem, but if it helps, the 'she' in the poem is a person who subscribes to a very 'prescriptive' grammar. She misunderstood the use of 'countables' and 'uncountables'. Here, 'less interesting' compares groups of people, one being 'less interesting' than another, whereas 'fewer' interesting people means, not as many. :) In my experience, people who often say, "It wouldn't do..." meaning it's not a good thing, often mean quite the opposite! I hope this is helpful If you want to read more of my poetry please check out 'johnkaypoet.co.uk'

I think that this poem it's very nice, and so deeply. I like it

yea, actually, i cant understand the meaning of this poem. I cant get the message the author send. Could anyone help me, pls?

If I really understand it,
I think they are saying that if all people are good no one will feel it,
What shows the value of things is the existence of other things that doesn't have the same value

I liked this amusing poem a lot. Plus it's great to hear someone's reading it in a  way it needs to be read! Thank you!

Hello British Council,
Could you please, give me any other way to say "it wouldn't do"  as I'm not quite sure to understand it?
By the way, the last two lines of the text aren't recorded.
Thanks a lot for your kind reply,

Hello Oscar,
Thanks for telling me about the problem with the audio. I will fix it as soon as possible.
'It wouldn't do' means something a bit similar to 'it would be a bad situation'. Does that help?
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Adam,
Does "It would do" mean something a bit similar to 'it would be a good situation' or that kind of sentence is only used as a negative one? I must say that this is my first time with "It wouldn't do".
May I say: It would do for everyone to know all the English grammar rules in order to understand this language?
Hoping to hear from you,