This lovely short poem was written by a learner of English, Irene Soriano Flórez, a student at the British Institute for Young Learners in Madrid.

The White Room


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The White Room

I am now feeling
like a lost camel
in the Sahara Desert.
I am very young
and I've got a lot of things
to learn.

I think:
I don't know anything
I should go to my house
and begin to study.
But, then, I think
Why? A lot of the time
knowledge flies after studying.
Will I fly with English
out of this white room?

by Irene Soriano Flórez

With kind permission of the poet, previously published in Poetry as a Foreign Language, edited by Martin Bates, White Adder Press, 1999

Task 1

Choose the best answer for each of the questions.






In the Sahara desert, a lost camel might afraid due to facing a possible wild animal. Here in our surrounding, I feel that one day we will face with a ruthless and brutal ghost in feature of a human being but we continue our life and striving to boost our English language proficiency without having access to a good teacher.

For me, of course, the surrounding is like the Sahara desert. In a country like in Afghanistan, the countryside is more terrible than the Sahara desert where someone daily hears the terrible and brutal news. In such environment learning English with limited sources is difficult as you will feel like a lost camel.

Really the surroundings effect on us and there so many times we feel like a lost camel
this life is full of surpries

nice poem Irene

no pain no game
got ya

l like surfing the net....i feel great,relaxed and goooood.i dont think it is a waste of time ,for my opinion

I feel different
for myself
I’m not playing.
No time for romantics
At all.
A donkey overloud
I think to myself.
And try to think different
and to overpass

 i like this poem but anyway don't lost your way  an education lasts a lifetime.

Sometimes, I feel like a lost camel. There is so much going on around me that I feel uncertain on what should I do or what should I act on first. I'm like a grain of sand carelessly being pushed to nowhere by the waves of the sea. But even if I'm alone, I don't despair. There are times when we must be in solitude to reflect on our lives, our achievements, our mistakes and the path we should take. We become a better person in this process, just like blazing metal shaped by fire and hammer into a glimmering sword.

I like this poem
But I do not like the idea of being lost and deserts
these days    specially