So what is the United Kingdom?

To give it its full title it’s ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’. You might hear it referred to as Britain, Great Britain or more often, simply as ‘The UK’.


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Task 1

Read the questions and select the right answer.


Task 2

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 Geography influences both the country and the people of such a nation. The U.K. geographically has a position in which the North Atlantic and the North Sea are of crucial relevance. London is a major, sophisticated city. Though I also like the English countryside and the mountainous aspects of Great Britain. In general, British people are extremely kind and courteous and are famous by making sensible decisions. Being the U.K. geographically located in the north of the Western Hemisphere, they enjoy weather that promotes extensive reading and cultural activities, chiefly in wintertime.
- Nora Agostini

My country is Venezuela, located in South America and bording the Caribbean Sea. Its climate varies from tropical to alpine. We have two seasons, rainy and dry; Venezuela has a beautiful climate almost throughout the year. Its beaches, rivers and mountains are really beautiful. .

I'd like to meet UK, I imagine with beautiful scenery and rich history. In Venezuela, the weather is almost the same in the year, tropical, it's good and we can always go to the beach.

I think that Venezuela is the most wonderful country in the World because of its location and climate. It's a paradise. I love my country.

I think that long periods of bad and cold weather could get people used to stay at home and develop the tendence to be individualist: it's what happens in my region, in the north west of Italy, where winter time is normally a little more difficult to find opportunities to meet other people, excepting pubs and discos, while summer time is full of festivals, street markets, celebrations and so on where people meet and spend time together.
The position of a region in a country is very important too, because central areas are usually more involved in political, social, cultural and economic evolution, while sourrounding or isolated areas are sometimes a little bite late. People living far from the main cities seem to give less importance to the running changements of our time.
This could be a good thing, beause it means less stress, but there is the dander that it turns into a sort of diffidence towards other people and innovation.

In my country the climate is of great influence for peoples that live here. Because the economy each region  depend the climate, weather and geography.

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Actually, my country is Srilanka which is situated in Indian Ocean. There are three types of climate zones, as well as we can identify serious bio diversity among them. Central Srilanka is very cold like England. Especially Nuwara Eliya which is appeared minimum temperature than other areas. there are few classes of mountains. As well as thirty four rivers were beginning from central srilanka. Mons-soon is the main source to provides water for my country.There are two type of Mons-soons.There are so many natural resources, and people are spend their life through getting help from those city is Colombo, and most of the people are Sinhalease who are speaking sinhala as their native language. Most of them are Buddhist, and Hindoo. Rest of them either Christians and Muslims. However my country is represent variouse religions and Languages.

geography in my country is very inluence for your distict regions because the lanscape is divided in several mountainous areas, hydrological rich and we found in equatorial zone also country is rounded by two oceans to the north having a coastline to the atlantic ocean and the west havinh a coastline adjacent to the pacific ocean