So what is the United Kingdom?

To give it its full title it’s ‘The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’. You might hear it referred to as Britain, Great Britain or more often, simply as ‘The UK’.


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Task 1

Read the questions and select the right answer.


Task 2

Drag the numbers and match them with the ideas below.






well, i  think that geography influences both the weather and the people in my country. I live in Indonesia. Indonesia has so many islands that sorrounded by two big ocean (Hindia Ocean and Pacific Ocean) and two big continents (Asia and Australia). its location made Indonesia has two seasons those are rainy season and dry season and generally has tropical climate.
Uniquely, the position of the islands in Indonesia is influenced by the strong movement of the plate tectonics that sorrounded Indonesia. The movement of the plate had made the spreading of the species of the vegetation and animal in Indonesia. So, Indonesia has so many different species of vegetations and animals.
The geography condition of Indonesia absolutely influenced the topography in every region in Indonesia. I will take an example of the influences of topography condition with the people in one of big island in Indonesia that is Java Island. The North of Java is a plain, so that the city in the North Java is well developed (the Capital of Indonesia is here) and so many people prefer to live in the north because of economic and facilities  that promising. The central of the island is dominated with active volcanoes like Merapi (the last big erruption had just happenned in September 2010), Bromo, Sindoro Sumbing, etc. The existance of these volcanoes had made the region in the central of Java island are good for farming so almost people in these region are farmer. Both of the condition of the northen and central of the island are different with the southern one. The sothern is domineted by the terrain, but has so many beaches that so beautiful.

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The geography highly influence the weather in my country witch is Algeria. In the south, the SAHARA compose the major part of the country, the climate there is very hot and dry especially in summer where the temperatures average between 40°C and 50°C . The north is bordered by Mediterranean sea prevailing winds that make the weather mild and the life so pleasant.


Morocco is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. In the south there is the desert. This geographical position makes that the country has different climates. In the north and the west, the climate is moderate and humid. In the Atlas Mountains, the weather becomes colder in the winter because of the snow. However, in the south, it becomes drier and extremely warm during the summer, especially in the Sahara. It is amazing, in February and March, for example, if you travel from north to south, you can see the fourth seasons.  Even if, Morocco has all this variety of climates, its people is mostly influenced by the Mediterranean culture, because not only of the geography influences, but also of the history.

 On the topic how geography influences people I could say that our Dalmatia people (croatian coast of Adriatic sea is called Dalmatia) are merrily, relaxed or even a bit lasy because of shiny weather and lovely surroundings. 
They are never worried about something and they usually spent much time outside, with friends, drinking coffe outside or singing out loud in a caffes and so on.
Northern people are usually descriped as hard working and more disciplined. 
People living in the mountains are because of hard living conditions mostly tough, more serious and stubborn. 

 My country consists of plains in northern region, rocky coastline on the Adriatic Sea and wooded mountains in the middle.
In the continental north the climate is middle-european with four clearly distinct seasons: snowy cold winter, hot summer and rainy autumn and spring. During the winter the wind usually blows from north and from south during the summer.
The climate at the coast is mediterranean which means long hot summer and mild winter. Specific for Adriatic coast are winds called "bura" and "jugo". Bura blows from north during the winter and is so intense that can cause a damage (can turn the car or things) and blow something to the sea. Jugo blows from the south and brings hot weather and high waves from the sea.
The wooded mountains have extremly cold and snowy winters. 

My country has 9 climate over is good to have such kind of climate

my country is sorrounded by sea from 3 side with black sea, eagean sea, mediterranian consist from 8 the west normaly warmer and hot in summer, in land region is dry and colder in winter, by the econonic west part of my country is more likely from east part . most of the companies invest their investment in west part of turkey