The pound sterling is the oldest currency in the world that is still in use. What do you know about the money used in the UK?


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Task 1

Read the questions and select the right answer.


Task 2

Read the sentences and fill in the gaps by dragging the words from the top.






A government which can not control its own currency can not establish its own monetary policy and without this any economical decision from it will not have a significant repercussion. Therefore, the question here should be: Does the government need to intervene in the economy? And if it is so, in which way?
I don’t think the Euro was a positive move. Everybody knows that these days the Euro is collapsing, and there is not much in common between Greece and Germany.

Is currency important for a country’s identity?
Do you think the introduction of the Euro was a positive move?
I think the currency is very important for country's identity, cause if every country adopt euro as its own currency, each of these countries will lose its identity. I'm  from Serbia, which isn't in EU, but if we ever get into, we shouldn't adopt euro..i don't know if i'm right but that's my opinion.

Hello everybody, 
I like collecting bank-notes  which I consider as identity of their corresponding countries, I think UK has taken a good decision to not adopt the Euro as a currency.

I think currency is important to country's identity. Why I said like that because currency can be a trademark or a symbol for some country. From that we can know which currency from. For example pound for European, rupiah for Indonesia, and ringgit for Malaysia.

I think currency in some way play some key importance for its identity but if it's popular enough.

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Hello, everybody
Now most of people don't remember the time, when European countries were adopting general currency Euro. I was in Italy as a tourist that time and it was difficult ones for the Italians as for the others in Europe. The prises increased up, everybody complained about it. The best way is to go its own way and have own currency. 

Introduction of the Euro was not a positive move. Simpley, we were lost our money.
I had som deuche marcs at that moment  and for 100DM you got 50 euros. But 50 euros had a value like 50 DM. :(.
Every cuntra had to have it own courrency. EU is annatural in the economic mean.
I like very much EU beacuse you can travell from countrey to countrey without paseport, but onley that!

I think so