The pound sterling is the oldest currency in the world that is still in use. What do you know about the money used in the UK?


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Task 1

Read the questions and select the right answer.


Task 2

Read the sentences and fill in the gaps by dragging the words from the top.






Yes, the currency is important for a country's identity. Sterling is the currency that has the most value now. The pound is worth 1,15 euro today.
The changeover to euro was very expensive in France. The economy is less flexible, it is more difficult to reduce unemployment. The franc was constitutive of French identity.
However, one country = one currency is less convenient for travel. The pound of Jersey and Guernsey are different and they are only tiny islands !

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I think United Kingdom took the good way with his currency, because Europe actually has a lot of problems with a coin.. how do you say not strong?... The arrival of countries from the east in the European Union may be good in the future to make Europe the leader in this competitive world, but, at the moment, it's not possible.
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hiiiiiiii why the uk didn't change its currency? i think its better for its economy

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