Roads are dangerous places for people on foot. Watch this video to find out how to stay safe when crossing roads in the UK.


Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video or listen to the audio. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Put the topics in the order you hear them.


Task 2

Can you find the spelling mistakes in these sentences?






hi, this is Ahmed from the united Arab Emirates , according to our rules and regulations of the Emirates, we have to give priority to pedestrians when they start to cross from one side of the road to the other side , and that is specially at the uncontrolled pedestrian crossing ( means no police officer or a traffic signal to control their crossing ), but they do not have the right to cross from any point on the road , otherwise they shall be assumed violator to the traffic low, and then they will be liable for a traffic fine..

Hello, i am from Colombia, in our country everyday there are many accidents due to the recklessness of both, pedestrians and drivers. Also, laws are weak to solve this problem. So I think the most important is to educate people at school about a good behaviour on streets.  

Yor are correct Laura.....I am Colombian too.....and I`m lived in Bristol.

In Malaysia ,the amount of cars are getting more and more.Thus, , the traffic play an important part in control the accident.And yet ,some of the drivers did not follow the rules,they wiil speed their cars  although the traffic light shows yellow to red in order to catch time .You can imagine  how dangerous it is! The padestrian s have to be really careful whenever they want to cross the road or walk  along the road.

pedestrians in most cities in Indonesia have a magical hands they manage to stop any vehicles with a bare hands people here don't need zebra cross, :D

everyone deserves respect and follow the traffic rules even you are a pedestrian o driver.

In France it is quite similar than in the UK. Furthermore, when using an uncontrolled zebra crossing  a pedestrian has the priority on the vehicle just by the fact of putting a foot on the passage. The vehicle must stop! But, of course if you want to stay alive, it is recommended to be very cautious. Paying attention to the driver's attitude before crossing is preferable!

I am tropical fruit in Japan. Circumstances of roads may different between in Japan and in UK. There is no beacon here. We cross crossing usually, but almost of all of them has a signal. In the video of this page, there are only a walking-man-shape signal on the low place which only pedestrians can check, 
in our country, a signal showing a green or red man is on the high place of the other side of the road which we can watch. And, there, drivers can watch their signal above the roads where they can watch it in their car.
We can cross any place of roads basically, but it is safer to cross any crossings, because the traffic is very busy usually.
Some signals are push-button style, that is a form that pedestrians have to push it if they want to cross the crossings. Otherwise, the signal in front of them remains to show a red-stopping man, then they having to wait all the time. And, how long time they waited for, the signal wouldn't change from red to blue, if they don't push the button.

very nice traffic rules & obey d citizens .superp...

 Hi,i am jimmy from indonesia,we have a big problem because most people do not respect the pedestrian and the rule of law on the rights of pedestrians in our country is less well implemented.