Roads are dangerous places for people on foot. Watch this video to find out how to stay safe when crossing roads in the UK.


Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video or listen to the audio. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Put the topics in the order you hear them.


Task 2

Can you find the spelling mistakes in these sentences?






salam,I am living in Algeria and we have a big  problems about crossing the roads
because we don't respect the laws about it

Hi, I am Karthik, an Indian. In my country only people in the metropolitan cities follow these rules whereas people in type-2 cities may not follow traffic rules. 

Hello, I am Lilit.  In Armenia we don't have beacons, they are funny. There are too many car accidents on the roads nowadays in Yerevan, and there are mostly 19-20 years' old drivers.  

I don't know why drivers don't respect the traffic rules. in spite of everyday the broadcast anonnuced about  that .

Hi,everybody,in my country people  sometimes forget to obey the trffic light  and  every they they fine about that. On the other hand,the  government  apply hard low for them perhaps they respect it . 

I agree with TanyaK about the law of 'the red light' for drivers in Russia and for us it`s obvious that this law helps to make the traffic safer. And the Russian traffic laws are very similar with the British and other European ones, I think. Except of the direction of course. As for pedestrian`s rules in Russia it`s illegal to cross the road wherever you want. You should use crossing which are controlled by traffic lights or special markings such as Zebras or road signs with a picture of a walking man. These signs substitute for the British posts with the flashing beacons. Frankly speaking I`ve never known about this British sign. And also when a driver sees somebody is crossing he or she should stop the car. But as far as I know it`s rather a new tradition for the Russian roads - it may be fifteen years old. But now it`s a law. As for me I try to obey the rules because it`s really important. And if I want to be given way by drivers I should respect them and not cross a road in a wrong site. So I don`t think that in Russia pedestrians are poorly treated. Frankly sometimes I`m sorry for Moscow drivers because of traffic jams. I prefer going by underground: easy and quickly 

There are always traffic laws in any countries, unfortunately there are also some people or even many people that break those laws and don't respect the other. It's always better to obey the laws to minimize unwanted accidents.

Hi every body how are you doing??....Most people in my country give no respect to  those laws .I don't think that pedestrians are treated poorly compared to drivers because both of them are obliged to respect certain laws.

hello , everyone ,I am a Chinese living in Vietnam ,so i should better talking about Vietnam's traffic law .There's no law at all , because nobody respect to whatever they call it "law" .when the Green light is on , Pedestrians can cross on the crossing as well as in front of the vehicles wherever they stop.. In rush hour vehicles drive on pavements with pedestrians together.Chatting on the mobile while driving on motor bikes .Hundreds and hundreds of parents waiting for their  kids on their bikes outside school for taking them home after school .Accidents , violents happen every single minute .Think of that before you visit VIETNAM.   

Hi Joice and everyone, I'm living in Vietnam and have no defense on the terrible n massive traffic we have here. But think twice when saying "accidents, violents happen every single minute".