Are you a student living away from home? Do you find yourself living on a tight budget? Listen to these UK students and find out their top tips for saving money.

UK Culture: Student Money


Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video or listen to the audio. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

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Task 1

Put the experiences and tips about student money in the order you hear them.






I am student from Russia. All that above talks I have firsthand knowledge. In Russia, when everyone (or everything) have resemble each other, say that everything (or everyone) is  also termed  the everything (or everyone) in Africa, for example of the "student and it is student in Africa ".  We all is look like each other))) 

Hi every body,
I'm from Viet Nam, I'm student now and I have to move to big city for education. I think the budget from my parent is not enough for my regular spending Fx: tuition, renting house, food, clothes and fee for going out with my friends.... so I have an part time job when I have a free time, I'm a server at wedding party and it just take me 2-3 hours with a small salary but it not only help me pay on a house renting but also I have a working experience...
Student life is a difficult time but always be funny and happy.

oh great experience

hi lam hoai an. I am very happy to meet you, a Vietnamese student here. I am the same to you, I have to leave home for Ho Chi Minh city to learn at a  university. My family is not very rich, so I do everything I can  to earn money. Fx: try to learn and search for scholarships, work as a private tutor. Sometimes I really feel tired but 
Iam happy and pleased because I am growing up.

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Young people of my age can save money by watching film at home instead of going to the cinema or a good way would be to keeping ourselves from making impulse buys e.g I make a list of what I really need and I try ti stick on it.

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                      First, I really thank you all for your efforts. It's the first time to get to your site.
                   I would like to improve my English as to be a native speaker one.I'm really fond of the English accent.
                      Saving money is a good thing. It learns us how to orgonise our life and how to be independent.
                   Money can easily be faded away if we misuse it. Its like a morning mist. So, it's better to be keen because this can learn us the value of money.'