Learn how to make a lemon pavlova – a dessert made of meringue with cream and almonds on top – and amaze your friends and family. Delicious!


Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.





i'm in love with arabian sweets ,most of then are entity of a kind of a thin layers of pastry and heavy thick cream usually made by hand . I adore the outstanding taste of the arabian ghee and the nice refreshing color of the ground or cracked pistachios on top.
I love you my favorite chef

she's really quite pretty

It's really dificult to understand well this explanation.
There is a delicious pie: Sacher Pie

Task 1. Correct order - done.
Task 2. ?

OMG I could understand 30% of what she said only. But it's ok. I'm gonna study hard. British English is difficult.
I really want to do this recipe. It looks like delicious.

Kindly I want to ask about the composition of the cream above the Limon curd?

Hello Khaled v,

You can find lots of recipes for 'lemon curd' online -- here's one from the BBC.


All the best,
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