Oussama, a Syrian man living in Turkey, talks about how important education and English are for his life and future.


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Sure i agree! Never late to learn for everyone so education is very important.

I agree with Oussama. Education bring to our freedom and dream to me and my family.

Yes, I agree with Oussama. To build our environment, we must build ourselves first with formal or informal Education as well.

in my opinion education is very important for all people. When you are educated you become more open- minded and you can see the things in a different way

I agree with Oussama. Education gives people an opportunity to get a good job.

you are right, wish you final you education as so heas possible, the more power you have,the more dream came true, come on,god bless you

Yes, the education is the most thing in nowadays. It determines the growth of nations.

Yes, I agree with Oussama. Education is so important for everyone.
I'm 40 years olds. My father and mother was teacher, now they are retired.
My wife is a kindergarten teacher too.

Teaching is very hard job but it is very satisfying. It's not only a job but also a kind of build the future.

you are right,teacher is the best job for human, in china, the plant grow up need teen years,people grow up need a hundred years

Yes, I agree definetely with Oussama. Just education can change the world