Oussama, a Syrian man living in Turkey, talks about how important education and English are for his life and future.


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Sure ..just only by education ,working ,and at first loving our country ..we can rebuild our country

I think education is very important to improve your tools to achieve a better quality of life and also to be a contribution to our society. Furthermore I think that study it´s a pleasure because allow you to know new things that you really like.

Of course I agree with that guy. Education is a very important thing in our life.

Education is very very important. Not for knowledge, but to help the world to be better because every one has a live calling.

I agree with him. I also want to build my country again. I think education is the way people evolving. Whom got educated, could have a job, create something valuable, and make a difference to this world.

I completely agree with Oussama, education changes the world we live, the education is importante for people to think about their problems and help them to chose correctly their politicians.

education is very important as it help people to make the best decisions for their present and future life

I totally agree. There is no better thing than study for yourself and professional progress.

To me, the education and values are the most important thing that you can do for being someone in your life.

I agree whit him in some way but his view is so realistic.I hope one day they get back their country and made it again,

Of course, education is most important things in our life, we need the education to make our life better, if we want the world without war and disease we must take care of education and put it on top of our interest.