Oussama, a Syrian man living in Turkey, talks about how important education and English are for his life and future.


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I think education is a very important thing when it comes to countries' development and also for our personal achievements. education is the bedrock for our civilization it is as important as breathing for me.

Firstly, proud of you. Because you never give up for your education and goal.
Yes, i agree with him a lot. Education is the most powerful weapon to fight for our future.
It can also lighten up our way to our goals.

Yes ,offcourse .education is not only important for me and our family but also for our society .
If you are a well educated person, you will help your community to develop and achieve its goals .

I agree because education makes you free to be what you want

I agree with him because, education it's the best way to become somebody today.

Yes, I am fairly agree with Oussama what he said in the video. Life has a second chance to offer and he should make the best use of his time and opportunities that he have got in order to invert his luck and for rebuilding his country. In my point of view I think, education is really important for me and for my family as well. Because in this 21th century you can do nothing without the power knowledge or education.
In spite of developing your skill education also let you know how to be social, how to interact with people and all the other stuffs that are very essential in living in the world.

Yes, I could not agree more.
Education affects every stages in our life such as our occupation , neighbourhood, relation with social environment and behaviour in society. It provides people to be open-mind .

Thanks a lot for learning lesson.

Yes, I agree.
without education you can't get a good job and you won't have a goal in your life.

i agree with ossama because Education is important to keep our countries