Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.




Hi Kirk, thank you so much for your clear explanation. Yes its made sense.

Thank you very much for your lession. It is a good lession becuase it's tructure is clear and easily to understand. Word is described by picture helf me miss new word longer.

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Could you please tell me the difference among cap, hat and bonnet, please?

Hello zenger62,

Have you tried doing internet searches for photos of these three words? That might be the easiest way to see the differences, but I'll try to describe them for you. 'hat' is a very general word, whereas a 'cap' is more specific -- it often refers to the hat that baseball players wear, though it can refer to other kinds of hats as well. A 'bonnet' is a kind of hat that is usually only worn by babies nowadays, though women sometimes used to wear it. It covers the ears and has strings that are tied under the chin.

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Thank you Mr. Kirk, got the picture.

As my country Brazil is tropical, mostly the time the temperature is hot, so we use wear a cap ou had because the sun.

it's a very helpful thing actually

I allways wear a scarf. I certainly wear one when it is cold outside. But I also wear one in the authemn or the spring that matches my clothes.

As a adolescent i have not many accessories.however,i carry wallet whenever i go outside.belt,on the other hand,i tie mostly with jeans.these are two common accessories i keep.

Yes I have my 2 scarfs and one rucksack. i usually use my scarfs in winter when i feel weather is cold. And i use my rucksack to save my laptop.