Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.




I allways wear a scarf. I certainly wear one when it is cold outside. But I also wear one in the authemn or the spring that matches my clothes.

As a adolescent i have not many accessories.however,i carry wallet whenever i go outside.belt,on the other hand,i tie mostly with jeans.these are two common accessories i keep.

Yes I have my 2 scarfs and one rucksack. i usually use my scarfs in winter when i feel weather is cold. And i use my rucksack to save my laptop.

Well, yes I have got a rucksack. Bought it back in 2011 when I was in my first year of graduation. Life has gone through so many ups and downs ever since but it is here with me as a loyal and reliable companion.

Oh, I very love caps, I want to buy a cap for me but i can't choose any cap because my head is big.

Nowadays I just use glasses at night , throughout the day I use contact lens , and rucksack I just use when I go to travelling it is so functional for me.
like a Denas I put my wallet in front pocket too when I go to downtown in my country because here is very dangerous there are a lots of robber .

I don't agree with the answers in task 3.

Just to give an example [who comes up with that answer to that statement]:

"Things we wear on our head or neck // the correct answer: pocket".

Sincerely in this task I'm LOST.

Hello ejhernandez,

I can understand why you are confused. However, if you take another look at the instructions you will see that you are supposed to choose the item which does not match the category. The instruction is:

Choose the things that DO NOT belong.

Thus the answer to 'Things we wear on our head or neck' is 'pocket' because this is the thing which does not belong in the list.



The LearnEnglish Team

i am always put my wallet on the front pocket.. anybody have the same habbit?

I have a nice necklace, it's bleu and looks like a heart. Very similar to the Titanic's neacklace