Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.




Over the here I choose bag due to I have to always carry bag for my official works.

I have a ring,is more important for my because is a ring of married!!!

I like my bag. I have more bags the different colors and size butlletí my favorite is one ofrece the ladera black

I have got a watch. Is very special too me because it was of my mother.

I have some earrings and I like them very much.
They are made of different types of rocks and I have bought some of them during some trips and others in my city.
They are of different colours and I fit them with my clothe.

I have a jacket. I put some important things in pockets. The pockets are inside of the jacket. I wear the jacket when i do not want people notice my things.

i really want to wear some accessories but my father don't give me permission for that despite i have some accessories in my almirah such as bracelets, finger ring, and a necklece but i don't get a chance to wear.

I think, the best accessorie with a man is a watch. I have a very nice watch. My wife presented me it. My wife bought it for me. I love my wife because she is very beautiful woman and she have a good heart. I am going to buy a gift for her at her birthday. I want to buy earrings or necklace.


I'm in love with silver rings.