Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.




I have many accessories such as necklace, glasses, bracelet, scarf but mostly l lose small ones. After I use them for once only, I can't see them again.

I don't like to wear accesories. I only wear glasses for reading because I suffer from presbyopia. I don't like wearing sunglasses. I always wear belt for my trousers and sometimes a rucksack for work.

I too. I do not wear cap and hat acessories for example. Good!

I don't wear any accessories except one pair of earings

In my handbag there are lot of accessories: gloves in the winter, glasses, wallet, phone and its accessories, a book I read in the train, a bottle of water and sometimes a snack. Then my pocket umbrella. All of them are special in my routine day as I work far and I am off 12 hours in a day. When I forget one of them my day is more complicated.

I love to study english here

I like to collect earrings, I have so many with different colors :)

I'm used to ear a hat.

I have a lot of accessories and I like to wear them. I think women generally love them. They feel more female.