Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.




My longest air flight is from Beijing to Dubai. The Emirates Airline is perfect. Meal is tasty and even you can drink some red wine!

Yes. I have traveled by plane a lot of times. My longest fly took about three hours.

Yes I have. I took a 11 hours long flight from Panama to Amsterdam 6 years ago. That was my first time in Europe.

I was afraid about the jetlag but luckily I did not feel affected by the time zone changes.

Nowadays I travel plenty but the flights are much mor shorter because most of the time I have to travel inside Central America countries.

me too have long flight. 7 hour

I have traveled several times. The longest flight I have taken is 2 hours.

Yes, I have. My longest flight was was fun.

Oh yes I have travelled by air.My longest fly? let me think.Maybe it is From shandong to taiwan.It takes about three hours I think.The service on the plane is really good and we all enjoyed a lot.

Yes, I have travelled by air. My longest flight was from Almaty through Amsterdam to Houston.

I have been recently to Thailand Pattaya and enjoyed swimming

Yes, I have travelled so many times by air. In fact I don't like travelling by any mode,But it's not possible. Sometimes you need to travel. My longest flight was from chandigarh to Hyderabad.
Once I booked my plane ticket from Delhi to Shimla. A lot of time of mine was wasted due to supply of wrong information by airport officials. They kept on informing passengers that flight is delayed but ultimately the flight was cancelled. After that we collected our luggage and got the refund from airport officials.I have to go to shimla by taxi.