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I never flight, but I like traveling very much. I hope, that someday I will travel, and at first I would like to be in Italy, becouse Italy is my favorate country.

I have taken a fewer flights than I'd wish.The longest flight that I've taken spent around 2 hours.Travelling by plane has been a little expensive here. Nowadays, there are new companies setting up in my country and they offer cheaper tickets for different budgets.

We flew to the USA in 2009.It was a long flight and our first time to travel by plane.

yes, once i have traveled by air from lahore to dubai.

I have travelled alot the furthest i've travelled is, australia. sydney.

I have trevelled by air. The longest flight was from my hometown (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) to New York. Firstly I got to Moscow. From Moscow I got to London and finally landed in New York. It took me about 24 hours!

Yes, I have. I've taken 10 hours Istanbul to Dallas.

Yes, I already have travelled by air. The longest travel I've taken has been to Napoli, in Italy. To arrive there, I've taken three flights.

Yes, I have travelled by plane. The longest flight I have taken was couple of years ago, when I flew to Brazil.

Yes I have! The my longest travel was from Rome to Bristol in UK.