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yes I travelled by air . the longest flight taken about six hours to from Cairo to Casablanca

The longest air travel I did was to go to Greece in 2008 September. It was an organised travel. I was in KOS, a beautiful island near Turkey. I spent only a week there.

I did some air travel and travel from Afghanistan to Nepal was the longest one. At first I departed from Kabul to Dubai, it took about two hour, then our plan change and we started our trip from Dubai airport to Kathmandu, Nepal. We arrived to Kathmandu after 5 hour travel and all of us were tired. It was the longest air travel that I have done till now.

Every year I travel with my friends or my family about 3-4 days, we go by plane. We have gone to Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and some places in Vietnam.
The longer flight was from Vietnam to Korea, It took me 5-6 hours.

Yes, I've travelled by plane several times. I have travelled international as well as domestic flights. The Longest flight I've takes is of 14 hours, from New York to Mumbai.

I have flown many times, but the longest trip was between Albaha and Dammam.
These cities are in Saudi Arabia. The Airplane was empty and it was terrible trip because the crew were not have neither skills nor morals.
I hope they will be more professional and polite.

I flew to Detroit in 2015. It was approximately 8540 kilometers.

yes,I usually travel by plane and I travel once a week because of my job duty.
The longest flight that I have taken is about 8 hours. I went to Malaysia

I've travelled by air multiple times. The longest flight I took was a flight from Schiphol airport (the Netherlands) to Surabaya airport (Indonesia). It took approximately 14 hours to get there.

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