Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.




I've never traveled by air. But as soon as possible I hope I'm going to.

yes , i have traveled by air . and the longest flight i have taken is when i went to Orlando,FL

Yes, I have traveled by plane several times. The most longest flight have been to New York.

The first time I travelled by plane I went to Paris. After that I've gone to the USA ten times or more to visit my daughter and my son in law that live and work there. I visited Miami, the Keys islands, Washington, Richmond, Philly, Boston and, last but not the least, New York. I don't like to fly because is so boring but I really love the cities I can visit!

I travelled by air to go to Canada, it was a 9 hour flight, the longest flight of my life.

Just recently I have traveled to Cambodia for a short trip. I'd taken by Jeststar Airline (Budget Airline). It is not bad, quite ok. But they do not serve for the meal. If you want, have to order. It took only two hours long. There is no other trip yet longer than this.

i hope it can improve my english language :)

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I travelled by plane only once a time.We flew to the USA for a holiday trip.It was beautiful to watch the clouds an the rising sun.

I have traveled several times to many countries,my longest flight was to Beijing about 9 hours.I purchased from airport duty free very much.