Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.




i travelled a lot... but my longest flight was from my country, Italy to the USA. I stayed on the plane for 9 hours and i was alone. it was my first flight alone.

I have travelled by plane in several occasions....the longest one was two months ago. I flought from Bilbao to Punta Cana, three escales, 21 hours in total, including conecting times...

I have travelled by air many times, and my longest flight were from in Africa in Cameroon to France. And France to Chicago

I never travel by plane, but I intend to do it

Yes, I travelled by plane and my longest flight was to Switzerland for almost 16 hours.
I liked it a lot because its a beatiful country.

No. I never travel by plane, but I hope will get it in nearly time.

My longest air flight is from Beijing to Dubai. The Emirates Airline is perfect. Meal is tasty and even you can drink some red wine!

Yes. I have traveled by plane a lot of times. My longest fly took about three hours.

Yes I have. I took a 11 hours long flight from Panama to Amsterdam 6 years ago. That was my first time in Europe.

I was afraid about the jetlag but luckily I did not feel affected by the time zone changes.

Nowadays I travel plenty but the flights are much mor shorter because most of the time I have to travel inside Central America countries.