Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.




In my house,there are two bathrooms,two washbasin,two showers but there is no any baths.

Hello all,
Does any one have the correction of task 4,
I tried many times since yesterday and every time I give wrong answers
NB: it seems right to me
Thank you in advanadvance

Hello Mariemdoudou,

After you have entered your answers you should click the 'Finish' button to see your score. Then you will see a new button marked 'Show answers'. Click this to see the correct answers for the task.


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Thank you very much Sir,
I noticed that when I write the bfirst with capital it's considered as false responce.
today when I did it with minuscule letters they gave me 100 percent scort.
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We have two bathrooms in our house.
In the first one we have all the mentioned things but the second toilet doesn't have a bath.

I am living in a flat. I Think most flats have one bathroom. Anyway my bathroom is big but it doesnot has bath.

Does your bathroom have anything different? How many bathrooms are there in your house?
no very normal .. one bathroom

In my house our wash room and toilet are separate. But Now I am in the university. So in my hostel, all the bathrooms are attached bathroom. They have nice mirrors, showers, washbasin, ... etc. But we don't have bath.

Hellow.. guys am having a confusion in task 3 the first question which state that
things we put on our body....... and the answer is tap.
MYSELF i THOUGHT the answer is soap because we use it to wash our body and therefore we put it on our body when taking a shower. I don't understand how and why we put tap on our body....!

Hello Aisha,

In Task 3, which is an "Odd one out' exercise, you have to select the one thing that doesn't fit in the group. Everything else in that list you put on your body, so the correct answer is 'tap'. Does that make sense?

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The LearnEnglish Team