Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.




There is only one bathroom in my house. There is no bath in my bathroom, but have a shower instead. There is a mirror stick on the wall of bathroom too. The mirror is square in shape. There also have a basket hanging on the water pipe and inside the basket, there have a toothpaste and some toothbrush.

We have three toilets in our home. There are no bath just a shower. They are so clean. Mirrors are different in design and size. I usually use the toilet in the second floor, because its always empty.

our bathroom doesn't have any bath and it doesn't have enough space to have a shower.
we have only one bathroom

I have three bathrooms in the house. In India not most of the houses have a bath, They either have shower or tap. Usually most people use bucket and mug to take a bath as it requires less water.

I have a beautifull bathroom wit a bath and a separate shower. Also there is a washbasin etc... I enjoy the bathroom very much! After a busy day it feels like paradise...

My bathroom have a shelf and hanger, not shower :)
My home has 2 bathrooms

In my house we have just one bathroom with a bath and shower, so when we need a nice relaxing time, it's great to lie down on it.

In my house is one bathroom. Our bathroom have shower and bath. For dry we have 2 towel, for me and my girl. For wash we have toothpaste and toothbrush, many soap and shampoo

i just have one bathroom.