Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.




In my house is one bathroom. Our bathroom have shower and bath. For dry we have 2 towel, for me and my girl. For wash we have toothpaste and toothbrush, many soap and shampoo

i just have one bathroom.

My house have two bathrooms. There are washbasin, tap, bath, mirror and a shower in one of bathrooms, and only washbasin, tap and a shower in the another one.

Only one bathroom.

Yes, I do have something different in my bathroom, and it is a washing toilet lid. It can clean and wash your ass when you are done. I have 2 bathrooms in my apartment.

I have only bathroom and just normal bathroom.

I have two bathroom, one of them is normal but the second only have a shower because it is not finished.

My new bathroom is very common but I remember when I was young living in my family town, the bathroom is very older, we don't use toilet, for example, most of the people make their own bathroom and we don't have a shower because even we do not have water come to our houses. if you read this and wanted to know about my childhood town " Google Tumaco- Colombia¨

Nothing is different in my bathroom and i have 2 bathrooms.

NO I have one bathroom no shower.