Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.




There are 2 bathrooms in my house, and there's nothing special in them.

Yes it does! My bathroom has the bidet. In my house there is only bathroom.

Almost the same. Only one bathroom in ma flat.

we have only 1 bathroom and nothing special in it

I have a common bathroom. Just a washbasin, a mirror, a toilet and a shower. Nothing special.

Almost same. In our bathroom there are washbasin , shower , towels , mirror . We have one bathroom in our house.

yep there is something else in my bathroom that is muslim shower. I have four bathrooms in my house.

i have 2 complete bathrooms with shower instead a bath, also i have a half bathroom that only have a toliet, washbasin and a mirror

My bathroom is a typical one, nothing different from other bathroom. And I have only one in my apartment.

No it doesn't. We have a without bath bathroom, it has a shower, a washbasin, a toilet and a bidet and also another small one with just and only a toilet and a washbasin. That is a toilet, not a bathroom, isn't it?