Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.




My bathroom is a typical one, nothing different from other bathroom. And I have only one in my apartment.

No it doesn't. We have a without bath bathroom, it has a shower, a washbasin, a toilet and a bidet and also another small one with just and only a toilet and a washbasin. That is a toilet, not a bathroom, isn't it?

Not much different as you shown. But we don't use the bath. In my home, we have two bathrooms. One is on the upstair and another one is at downstair. All the bathrooms are separate with bed rooms. So that the whole family members and guest can use anyone.

No, it doesn't. In my house there is one bathroom.

It's useful and easy to remember the vocabularies.

In my house have a two bathrooms. there are have a toilet and washbasin, one bathroom have a bath and another bathroom have a shower. please check My writed comment's vocabulary. is right or false? and please reply me!

Hello Bolorgerel,

I'm afraid we don't check our users' work for them. This is a job for your teacher! If we checked texts like this then we would end up doing everyone's homework for them, which wouldn't help anyone learn!


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okey thank you

which is more right : bath or bathtub ??

Hello Saber1982,

In American English, 'bathtub' is the word used to talk about the thing we have a bath in, whereas in British English it is usually called a 'bath'.

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