Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.




I drive every day. I like it but I hate the traffic.

yes, I drive a lot every day but I don't like traffic jam it drive me crazy.
Sometimes I travel by car.

Yea, I have been driving since I was 14 years old. I really love driving manual cars because I can control it better. I love driving in general except in traffic or with someone I don't like. It's only now that I know the name of all the names of the car parts.

Can we call these vocabs that are shown above in the picture as car parts?

Hello Firas961,

Generally 'car parts' refers to parts used in car repair. If you have a problem with your car then you use 'car parts' to fix it, and they are often quite expensive!

The vocabulary above would more commonly be called 'parts of a car' or 'parts of cars'.


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i don't know how to drive although i like to drive very much. i wish in the future i would have my own car and learn to drive it.

I don't know how to drive but i wanna try.

i did my drivers licence in 2003 and drived only while my learning course, later individual i did not have a chane to drive, i came to germany and rode only on a bike :))) but i want to exercise my drive and will drive a car which is called "jip"

Yes, I drive, but I do not like.

I know to drive. I have a driving licence several years ago. I like to driving car in country side. There are not many cars on the road. And the landscape is beautiful. I dislike to drive in crowded city.

Yes , I know how to drive . I like driving as fast as possible , but I hate traffic jam.