Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.




I don't know how to drive

yes i know how to drive and i like driving in mountain raod but driving in traffic jam and warm weather is exhusting.

Altough I passed the exam for the driving licence, I don't drive. I don't like to drive because I'm afraid of doing it. I'm still not able to calculate the right distances and so I'm afraid to park my car and to pass other cars. I know I have to win the fear of driving, because I can't keep on being dependent on someone else. If I want to live a deep and full life, I must have the strength to take on the problem and to solve it. Driving a car allows you to accept, for example, jobs outside your city of residence. If you like travelling and you want to discover the world, you have to be open to the possibility of hiring a car and leaving for a without-a-destination journey, like Thelma and Louise (but without jumping over a cliff!)! :-)

Unfortunately, I don't know how to drive car but I will love to learn driving and drive car one day.

yes I know how to drive .I don't like to drive because so many cars and bad drivers in our streets in Iraq and so many people drive their cars with out getting a drive license

I can drive. But our road are very bad

i don't know how to drive well

I know how to drive, but i don't like. In São Paulo is so boring to drive

Yes sure, I like to driving , however, the only thing that I'm not like it in driving, it's the way of some crazy driver in some country other than the driving is must and important to our life

I don't know how to driving, eventhough I had taken a driving course years ago.