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So far I do not know how to drive. I am living in Vietnam where motorbike is the most pupoular means of transport and I am a motorbike rider. However, I have a plan of taking part in a car driving course this autumn, as I find myself likely to drive for the following points:

Traveling by cars is safer than by motorbikes, bicycles or on foot when accidents happen. As you are being covered by your car, injury hardly occur or is less serious.

Another good point of being covered by your car, you are always staying comfortably no matter how it is outside: sunny, rainy, windy or snowy; or how the street is dusty or smoky etc.

Driving a private car, you depend on yourself only. You depart at anytime you want, reach any destination you wish to. You can hardly do this if you go by public transportation means, since you need to spend time to wait for the bus/ train/ metro to arrive, and walk a lot: from your starting point to the station, from station to the destination point. Especially when you are walking and holding heavy things, I believe the only wish appear in your mind: having your very own car!

Those above things make me feel great when driving. However, there are still some things I do not like about driving:

It costs too much: the car itself, gasoline, toll fee, insurance fee and hundreds of other fees and taxes issued by the government.

It is not friendly to the environment compared to cycling or getting on public transportation means.

It contributes to the annoying traffice jam especially in rush hours.

It is stressful when driving in the city with thousands of other vehicles around.

For those good and bad, I would prefer driving from city to city on high ways and using public transportation system to travel in town everyday.

I don't know how to drive but I would like to learn.

hello, my name is Emad
this is my first experience with this web site
I would like to do the IELTS test
and I have panic

i don't know how to drive a car or bicikle hahaha. i would like to learn it, but the driving in egypt is very hard it's like the war , and for every accident i make i'll spend a lot of money for that

Theoretically I know how to drive but not in practice. I will learn soon and I will continue using public transport for the moment.

Hi! I am 22 years old, but I don't drive. First, I'm looking for a job to pay a driving school. I am so excited to drive my own car and travel over my country. Oh, I forgot to say that I'm from brazil! Thank you!

Yes, I can drive a car. I have got a driver's license three years ago. The first time I worried when I drove the car. But now, driving is giving to me a lot of satisfaction. The traffic is not heavy in my town. I use the car every day, I go to work, to shops, to school to my child and to visit my friends and perents. It is so comfertable to use the car because i can do more during day.

I have a drive license, but I don't practice as I should. As I live in a big city, I think the traffic is a little bit terrifying, so I've never driven since I got my license. Now I've just moved to another city, so maybe I'll have some courage to do it.

Hello! Yes I know how to drive. And I like só much, I usually drive every day. The only thing that I really dislike is the traffic jam, it is very boring.