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I have been driving since 2010, and I love driving. In my city there no public transportation system :( therefore i should use cars or bike. But the weather in my city is so hot that means if i walk or use bike i will melt :(
Driving is fantastic at expect driving on traffic jam.

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I love driving in mountain roads, but I hate driving when it is rainning.

I got my license 4 years ago and I am really confident about my driving skill! I love driving but not all the time! I mean, sometimes I hate going out and so, driving is not for me at that time! But the otherwise, I love If i have my girl friend go with! That's all!

I love driving when roads are good and there is no traffic. I like to go long drives.

I got my licience many years ago but I am not a fan of driving. I only drive when I have to. I prefer walking or taking public transport. Even you drive carefully but there are always people don’t follow the rules. But I do like the feeling when driving on a quite country road in a nice day out...slowly...

Yes, I can drive a car and I really love to drive speedy vehicles. I don't like speed breakers on the road.

I love driving but I don't have licence yet and don't know how to drive :)) but I love it

I really love driving but I usually get sidetracked because I don't have a good memory for complicated routes.

The only thing I dislike is driving in Greece, because they have stupid speed restrictions, because of the very bad roads, or because there are no provisions for padestrians to cross the road etc.....

I've been driving since my 18th. birthday and realy love it!
It mostly makes me feel very free and relaxed.
The only thing I dislike is driving in the Netherlands, because they have rediculous speed restrictions over there! (Almost zero tollerance)