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I'm not a driver. I do not like driving.

I like driving, I am driving for 6 years and Its comfortable for me, Yeah its very boring to stay in traffic jams, but anyway traffic is everywhere if you are going by your car or by other transport.

I like driving!

I like driving too,but I have not car(((

I got a driving license in my back home in 2015, but I am honestly not a good driver. I haven't driven after I went to Canada last year. It's expensive and unaffordable for an international student to have a car because of the monthly car insurance and parking fee here in Toronto. Needless to say, driving is really comfortable and convenient. However, I prefer to taking public transportation to driving because of traffic jam in a crowded city like Toronto.

I Know to drive but I have difficulties in parkink

Yes, I do. What I like about driving is that it can save me time by driving. What I dislike about driving is the traffic problem that caused by people's bad driving manners.

It is annoying when other drivers don't use turn signals.

Fast driving turns me on and especially a sound of an engine. When Im a passanger and my mother drives a car, I feel nervous.

Yes I know how to drive cars and like drive outside of the city, I don't like the traffic in the city