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I really love driving but I usually get sidetracked because I don't have a good memory for complicated routes.

The only thing I dislike is driving in Greece, because they have stupid speed restrictions, because of the very bad roads, or because there are no provisions for padestrians to cross the road etc.....

I've been driving since my 18th. birthday and realy love it!
It mostly makes me feel very free and relaxed.
The only thing I dislike is driving in the Netherlands, because they have rediculous speed restrictions over there! (Almost zero tollerance)

I know driving and l like to drive long journey but not short journey in traffic.

I'm learning now and i hope have my license soon. i enjoy driving because it makes me feel free and you can go where you want.

Hi all
I would like to learn English to be more confident with my self when I make communications with my friends and be more fluent in english. Any body help me many thanks for all.

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There is some advice on how to use our site to achieve your goals on our Frequently asked questions page. I would particularly recommend LearnEnglish podcasts (which is explained on that page). If there's anything else we can do to help you, please let us know.

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Many thanks!

I have driver document since 2012. But driving I rarely. Like drivers, who driving on low speed.

I don't know, how to drive. I like driving when it's raining.