Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.




It is annoying when other drivers don't use turn signals.

Fast driving turns me on and especially a sound of an engine. When Im a passanger and my mother drives a car, I feel nervous.

Yes I know how to drive cars and like drive outside of the city, I don't like the traffic in the city

I dislike driving. It's the worst thing that I have to do. Traffic jam and speedy drivers get me crazy. But, I live so far from my work, so I haven't any choice.

No i don't drive i can't afford the lessons.

I like driving. I could since i was 15. I like to drive in Hilly Region. The way i like to drive is driving fast. It can make me so excited.

I like driving car cause i can haven't to walk.
I think too this is faster to take a car than to walk !

Yes, I do. I have been driving since 1995. I like to drive on de roads, listening a good music and I really dislike traffic jams

yes,i know
i like driving to empty street and dislike driving crowded street

i love to drive, because i feel free