Do the exercises to learn words for different kinds of clothes.




During week I wear a uniform to work, a white top and grey trousers. On the weekend I like wear a jeans and black tops.

Is very importan know a clotes

Nomally,I will wearing a white T-shirt or shirt with Jeans and go to works every day . I'm wearing a pull + jeans and trainers when free time.

I love to use fucsia color in clothes.
At job, I like to dress up: Skirt, shirt, coat and high heels
On Weekend I just to wear jeans, t-shirt and trainers
In a Sunny day hat
For cold weather: socks, gloves and raincoat everywhere!

I love wear shirt especially a white shirt.As well as a clothes that is not listed above is is quite comfortable and can wear inside and outside.jeans,on the other hand,i like in blue color.

I like to wear a T-shirt, trainers, and jeans, in the summer. I love blue jeans! But in winter, I love wearing a coat or a jacket, I feel so elegant wearing it.

I like to wear a T-shirt or a shirt with a troursers.

I like to wear jeans and t shirts

I like jeans and T-shirt.

I like jeans and white shirt