Do the exercises to learn words for different kinds of clothes.




I like to wear a T-shirt or a shirt with a troursers.

I like to wear jeans and t shirts

I like jeans and T-shirt.

I like jeans and white shirt

It depends . In cold days i wear jeans and coat and in warm days i usually wear trousers and t-shirt .

Hi! I like to wear dress, jeans and T-shirt

I like to wear jeans and t-shirt

I like lo wear jeans, shirt and shoes.

I like to wear casual clothes , like blue jeans , T- shirt and trainers , and on weekend I use knee breeches . I really like walk a lot that is why I prefer wear trainers they are very confortable .
I´ve never use coat because where I live in the winter it isn´t very cold , normally the lowest temperature hits ten degree .and I don´t like to use hat actually I´ve never use them because I think I don´t look nice with it , doesn´t make a math .

I like to wear blue jeans ,coat, skirt , jumper