Do the exercises to learn words for different kinds of clothes.




I am T-shirt and jeans kind of a guy.

I like to wear a T-shirts and jeans. I hardlyever wear a skirt.

I like to wear trousers and shirt.

I like to wear jeans or trousers, shirts or T-shirts

Hello! I like to wear shirt on the top and jeans on the bottom. Nowadays, because weather is cold, I wear jumper on my body. Sorry for mistakes, I'm beginner. Will be pleasure if you advice me, where I do mistakes.

I like to wear t-shirt and Jeans but i don't like to wear skirt at all.

i like to wear jeans , t-shirt , jacket , and trainers

Hello my name is joão I like to wear jumper ,long lis shorts,socks ,sneakers,hood and gloves in the winter

Hello My name is joão. I like to wear a tank top,shorts, flip-flops in the summer

Hello My name is joão. I like to wear a tank top,shorts,a Cap and flip-flops in the spring